MicroSD memory cards including Kingston TF card can easily be full of pictures, files, music, games, movies and missed registry entries and there is no enough space for store other contents, or you want to kill the virus inside it, so formatting them is essential thing during our using.. Also, some electric devices require that MicroSD cards be formatted to a different file system to be applied, so this process can be used frequently, especially Windows does most of that work for formatting these small drives.

In order to format these TF card, you need to have Windows 2000+, MicroSD to SD adapter and SD card reader.

Step 1: Remove the MicroSD card from your device and place it in a MicroSD to SD adapter.
Step 2: If your computer with SD slot, place MicroSD adapter into your computer, if not, you have to use an USB SD card reader, in fact, at present, most of people use the USB card reader.(lot of R4 cards with a card reader)

Step 3: find the “my computer”in your computer, double click the SD card drive item, you will see the contents on it.
Step 4: Copy the content you want to keep to your computer’s hard drive.(That means back up information)

Step 5: Get back to “my computer” and right click the SD card drive and select “ format”item.

Step 6: don’t change “capacity”option, don’t change “allocation unit size”,select all file system which will be applied in Micro SD card under the “file system”menu(FAT or FAT 32), remember don’t choose “quick format”item which will not fully clear TF card. After all that, you can select” start”button to formatting…

Step 6: format is ok, then copy back all files you have backed up to Micro SD card.

Steps to delete a Micro SD for DSi

The Nintendo DSi & DSi XL feature some improvements than previous Nintendo DS, including increased wireless internet capabilities, new cameras and a Micro SD card slot which can store music, movies, photos and games for Nintendo DSi.
Sometime you need to delete contents in your Micro SD card during using your game console to store new things.

In fact, this is also simple and it only costs a few minutes.

Step 1: power off your Nintendo DSi and take out Micro SD card and place into USB card reader and then connect it with computer.

Step 2: open “my computer” to open the move hard disk and select all files and press “delete”, all the data will be deleted. (Suggest that back up data ahead, in case if you want to recovery your content)

Step 3: remove the Micro SD card from computer (at the right bottom of desktop), and then plug off USB card reader.

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